Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer News

There is lots going on this summer !

Matt Andersen is playing all over Canada and the US with another trip to Europe mixed in as well.
'Coal Mining Blues' is still selling like hotcakes and getting radio play all over the world.
Check Matt's tour dates to find out when he'll be near you !

The new Dennis Ellsworth cd 'Dusk Dreams' has just been released and saw Dennis crossing the country with Leeroy Stagger.   The disc is already getting some great response at radio and reviews are starting to come in.   Dennis will be on the road this summer and fall and we highly recommend you catch him if you can.  He is a wonderful performer !!

There are a few new releases in the works that will be out before the end of the summer.

Ontario roots reggae band The Baudelaires are a new signing for us.  It is a fantastic record and will be a great soundtrack to what is shaping up to be a steamy hot summer !   That will be available mid-June !

Shannon Lyon has a new cd ' Broken Things'.  That should be released in July and will coincide with Shannon's first Canadian tour in quite some time !!

We are going to be working with Jim Henman.  He has released a brilliant cd, 'Same Old Feeling' and we will be make that available late June.

Mike Biggar will have his highly anticipated new cd out in July !   His new single 'June Night' is tearing up the charts and getting some rave reviews !!

Lynn Jackson will have her new cd ready in August.  'Down in the Dust' is a return to the rootsy sound of her first few albums and features a superb batch of songs !!

We have tour dates listed for all our artists, so please have a look and we hope to see you out there on the road !!

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Matt Andersen is out tomorrow !

The new Matt Andersen cd is released to retail 09/20.  It is will also be available digitally !

'Coal Mining Blues' is his best yet.  Reviews are starting to come in and Exclaim has just published a news story here.

We have got it for sale and download in our shop !!

Matt's single 'Fired Up' has gone to rock and country radio, be sure to call and request it at your local station.

He is on a huge national tour, check out the tour dates page for a show near you !!

In other news, the new Jay Semko single, 'Party In the Parking Lot (The Football Song)', will be live on Itunes tomorrow.  You can listen and download it in our shop as well !

Jay is working on a new full length with a February 2012 release date tentatively set.

Brock Zeman is due to release his new cd in October.  We've heard a few tracks and it is easily his best work yet !!

Lynn Jackson is in the studio working hard on a new record.  Look for an early 2012 release !

That's it for now !  Thanks for listening !!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Autumn News

Happy Summer Everyone !!

There are a few newsy items  we like to tell you about.

The new Matt Andersen cd is in the works.  The release date is September 20th, but
we will be having a pre-order sale starting around August 20th.   Stay tuned !!

We are also working hard on making full album downloads available.  There are a few titles
with that option so far, with the balance being ready by the end of the week.   Purchasing a full
album download will deliver a zip file to you that contains all the tracks from the album.  Download speeds will of course be relative to your connection, but were within a couple of minutes on high speed.

Our recent releases (Duane Rutter, Daddy Long Legs, Alfie Smith) have been receiving some great airplay, so thanks to all of you who have bugged the radio folks !   We do appreciate it !!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New releases !!

We've got a few new releases for you to check out !

Lucas Stagg has just released a new band album called 'Stubborn Moon', which is his best yet !!

Maple Blues Award winners Daddy Long Legs are poised to release their newest, 'Liars, Cheats & Scoundrels'.   Look for them to hit the festival circuit this summer !!

Alfie Smith has released his new (mainly solo acoustic) cd, 'Sometimes the Rain'.   It is a fantastic cd which showcases Alfie's wonderful guitar playing and powerful voice !!

We have also reissued the last Ambre McLean cd, 'I Wonder If...'     It's been out of print for a few years, and we are thrilled to reintroduce it to all of Ambre's new fans !!

All are available for streaming in full in our shop and individual tracks as well as physical cds are available for purchase there as well !!

Thanks for listening !!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to the New Site

Lots of changes on the Busted Flat front !

We have a fancy new website with many new features !

Every artist has their own page which offers their upcoming tour dates, news, and
a link to their page in our new shop !

Every album in the shop gives you the option of listening to every track in full !!  You now also
have the choice to purchase a release in cd form, OR single track download.  Full album downloads
will be ready very soon !!

We will be expanding the download section to include artist friends who have released their cds independently.

All can be done securely through our site using Paypal (or credit card via Paypal if you don't want to set up a PP account.  Just look for the 'pay by credit card link' of the Paypal page) !

We also have a new mailing list set up which we hope you'll sign up to !

Once a month we'll have a newsletter going out to you with all the latest news with each
mailing offering you a code that you can enter into the site and download a free track
from one of our artists !

Feel free to explore and get to know all the new features of the site !!