Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome to the New Site

Lots of changes on the Busted Flat front !

We have a fancy new website with many new features !

Every artist has their own page which offers their upcoming tour dates, news, and
a link to their page in our new shop !

Every album in the shop gives you the option of listening to every track in full !!  You now also
have the choice to purchase a release in cd form, OR single track download.  Full album downloads
will be ready very soon !!

We will be expanding the download section to include artist friends who have released their cds independently.

All can be done securely through our site using Paypal (or credit card via Paypal if you don't want to set up a PP account.  Just look for the 'pay by credit card link' of the Paypal page) !

We also have a new mailing list set up which we hope you'll sign up to !

Once a month we'll have a newsletter going out to you with all the latest news with each
mailing offering you a code that you can enter into the site and download a free track
from one of our artists !

Feel free to explore and get to know all the new features of the site !!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the updated bio about Jay Semko. We're big fans of his music, and pretty thrilled about the newest album.

    Semko is also the composer for new TV series called "Dust Up" that premieres tonight at 9 pm ET/PT, June 2, on History Television. Check out our trailers on YouTube -- we would love to hear how other Semko fans like them!